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When you're looking for a country that boasts an excellent gastronomic culture and no shortage of legendary architecture, castles, and picturesque landscapes, Spain is the perfect place to indulge with its vibrant plethora of beautiful cities that will delight all your senses.

Majestic in its own right, Madrid will captivate you the minute you step into its mesmerizing metropolis. This is a city that knows how to live and embraces life passionately. The thunderous roars from the arena of the Corrida de Toros to the crowds cheering ablaze their beloved fútbol team, Real Madrid - the earth will tremble and you'll feel your heart pulsate to the contagious excitement of Madrid's vivacious traditions and celebrations.

Madrid, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

The interlaced web of cobblestone passageways that thread through the city of Barcelona is easy to get lost in - and that's precisely what makes it so alluring. This Mediterranean seaside port has an enchanting bohemian charm, yet is also vibrantly bold about its quirky art and architecture. There is so much to see and you'll find this city to be buzzing with eccentricity.

Paris, France

If the season to fall in love is spring, then the place to fall in love is Paris. Delectable pastries in every village corner, river boat cruises on the Seine, and soaring castles and cathedrals piercing the skies, Paris has much to boast for its expression of grandeur. None of its beauty has been robbed through the recent terrorist attacks. The French have displayed extraordinary strength and unity through the rough times and has only made the city much more beautiful through the hearts of the people.

If I could jump into a page of one of my childhood storybooks, I would find myself in a dreamland with lush, vivid, green pastures and winding cobblestone roads that lead to Dublin. Friendliest of them all, you will be embraced in this lively city, invited to partake in joyful celebrations, learn how to appreciate whiskey, and toast with strangers that make you feel like part of an Irish family. For a moment, you'll wonder how a city can be so friendly and then you'll soak it all in, because in Ireland, the happiness that surrounds you will make you feel like you are worlds away.

Dublin, Ireland