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Travel like Bond: 20 Gizmos & Gadgets for Geeks on the Go

I'm a sucker for gadgets and so is James Bond (a huge geek). I'm always on the hunt for pocket-sized gadgets that enhance my travel experience with time-saving efficiency, speed, or comfort. If you like to hang off cliffs, dive into abandoned castles under water, or navigate through the underworld, then I've got you covered. Here's my rundown of the best gadgets that no jetsetter can do without. Because the world is not enough, add some of these items to your suitcase to give your experience a 007 Bond-like thrill.

1. BlueAnt Pump Wireless HD Waterproof Sportbuds

Can you swim in them? Absolutely. That's what makes these bluetooth wirelesss headphones a cherished one. Great for working out and hiding under water if your cover is blown.

2. EyeFi Mobi Pro SD Card

Time is precious when you're chasing bad guys, and the last thing you want to get your time tied down with is transferring your photos from your camera to your computer. Instead, the EyeFi Mobi Pro SD Card allows you to wirelessly transfer your pictures on your camera to your phone, tablet, or desktop as you take them and access them anytime, anywhere, on or offline. This smart memory card means no more swapping cards, no cables, and no unnecessary time wasted in saving the world.

3. Orei M8 All-in-One International Travel Plug Adapter with Dual USB Charger

You're in Munich one day and Beijing the next. This easy to use universal adapter will keep you and all your gadgets charged, no matter what country you're in.

4. USB Power Hub & Retractable USB Cables

Tidy up your power needs with a multi-port hub and retractable USB cables.

5. Evizian Rokon Color Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This becomes a great companion to turn your poolside or private jet into a party with high quality loud sound and colorful LED display that pulsates to your music.

6. Nyruis LT12 12 Language Global Digital Talking Translator

No mission is possible unless you can communicate in the country you're in. Small enough to fit into your pocket, this LT12 contains 8,400 travel-related phrases in 12 different languages that will boost your confidence as you enter one country to the next.

7. Travelon Hanging Toiletry Kit

My most well-used item that has gone all the thousands of miles with me.

8. Luggage Monitor - Trakdot

GPS for your bags, in case it gets in enemy hands. Track down your luggage on your cellphone and never deal with the stress of lost luggage. Please don't embarrass yourself by trying this on people. We've got CIA for that.

9. SPI Belt

I love the name already. The SPI belt is a compact way to hold all your tiny belongings together close to your body.

10. Smartwatch

Totally. Do I need to say more? It feels like having a smart robot on your wrist, and James Bond never goes anywhere without out. So should you.

11. PowerTrekk

There may be times where you're off the grid, captured and stuck in the middle of nowhere without an outlet in sight. The PowerTrekk can generate electricity from a mere tablespoon of water. Just pour in H20 and this pocket-sized fuel cell will generate electricity.

12. Sony HMZ-T2 Private Movie Theater

Max out your 007 geekness with an admission to a private movie theater while on the road. The Sony HMZ-T2 is a head-mounted portable home cinema system that has an HDTV screen and surround sound that simulates the feeling of being in your own movie theater.

13. Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera powered by Android

Which came first - the chicken or the egg? The camera or the phone? Puzzling, but truly a masterpiece.

14. FitKit

Total fitness in a kit! Work out in the privacy and convenience of your hotel room with the FitKit, a set of portable pieces of fitness equipment that can be combined for more than 250 different moves. I'm sure they can be used as weapons too.

15. AcousticSheep SleepPhones

Block out hotel noise and wake up refreshed by using this pajama for your ears. This ultra thin soft and stretchy headband has built in bluetooth-enabled earphones with no uncomfortable ear buds, clunky headsets, or tangly wires. They're designed to lull you with white noise or soothing music. Sweet dreams.

16. Belkin Rockstar Multi Headphone Splitter

Necessary for those times Bond girl wants to watch the same movie with you on the plane.

17. Perfectday Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Built-in Remote Shutter

The best way to blend in with the tourists is with a selfie stick.

18. Wallet Ninja

This wallet ninja fits 18 functional every day tools in your wallet. Not just useful, but also quite threatening.

19. Henri Bendel Passport Cover

Personalize your most essential travel accessory and breeze through security with one of Henri Bendel's glamorous passport covers.

20. Invent Universal Travel Organizer for Small Electronics and Accessories

I call this the Bondcase. Don't jet without it.

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