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Meet the Carry-On that knows how to Multitask

Recently I've been traveling more than usual, and I realized that as my life was becoming more multifaceted, my packing and traveling needed to become more simplified. The lighter I got with my luggage, the faster I was able to get to places, the more places I could cover, and the more productive I became. And when you find the perfect carry-on, it can become your best travel companion.

In my years of traveling, the biggest challenge has been the carry-on. I could never find the perfect carry on that was small and versatile enough to keep up with my busy lifestyle. I came across a number of problems that most carry-ons couldn't solve. Many carry-on bags don't allow you to open the main compartment without laying it down open-faced. Others were heavy, bulky, or couldn't stand upright. After years of tirelessly searching for the perfect carry-on, I finally found one that was as intelligent as its design.

When I discovered Travelon's 18-inch Wheeled Carry-On, it enhanced my travel experience by allowing me to navigate with ease. I found something that is both beautiful and practical, and the sleekly engineered design is what makes this bag aesthetically functional. The innovative construction of this bag comes with so many great benefits that I'm dying to share.

First, the sloped-top curvature of the bag comes with 3 important functions - ease of access, ability to stand upright, and maneuverability.

1. The bag was built in a unique way to provide quick and easy access to a traveler's essentials while inflight and while navigating crowded bus, train, and airport terminals. All of my belongings are within arms reach and easily accessible without needing to set the entire bag down flat on its back to open the main compartment. Because it fits perfectly under the seat, I don't have to deal with the overhead compartment. Instead, I can access all of my things easily anytime during a flight.

2. I love the confident look of vertical carry-ons that stand upright, but my experience with other upright underseater carry-on bags is that they easily tip over when full. Because of the unique way this carry-on was built, this doesn't topple over at all. I never have to worry about the bag falling forward or becoming a hazard because it stands on its own.

3. The other great feature of the sloped-top curvature is that it allows the bag to slide in and out of tight spaces smoothly. Often times, the space between seats can be so narrow that it becomes impossible to fit any bag in between. Even if it does fit, it's even harder to slide the carry-on down underneath the seat. However, Travelon's underseater carry-on makes the handling and maneuverability of the bag in tight spaces so effortless.

Travelon's underseater carry-on bag comes with more great features. The spacious interior has plenty of room for all my essentials, which includes my toiletries bag (another favorite from Travelon), my jiu-jitsu gi, and my camera. This is the only underseater wheeled carry-on bag that I have found that can fit an entire 15-inch Macbook in its main compartment. In addition, there's plenty of internal pockets for organizing my loose items. The exterior pocket is the perfect size to fit a tablet and also provides quick access to my ticket, passport, phone, and electronics. There are zipper head loops that allow a TSA lock to be attached for extra security. The telescoping handle extends longer than the average carry-on bag which is great for taller travelers.

Who says style and practicality have to be mutually exclusive? The structure of this underseater bag solves all the functional problems that frequent fliers face while also seamlessly blending it with an elegant look that is designed to carry your life in style. As far as durability is concerned, this bag takes in a lot of miles and through rough terrain. I've taken it over gravel, over curbs, through flooded and crowded streets and it has held up through the abuse with minimal signs of wear! The wheels have never been stuck and the retractable handle has worked flawlessly every time. This impeccable craftsmanship combines a durable high-quality material that is both long lasting and lightweight. Its sturdy construction withstands the pulls, tugs, and throws of many trips around the globe. It's the smart choice for both business travelers and stylish travelers. This bag proves that we can have it all without compromising.

Now that the search is officially over for the perfect underseater carry-on bag, I'm not only free to go about my travels with ease but also empowered to enjoy an even more productive, hassle-free lifestyle. For overnight or weekend getaways, this is the only bag I bring. Even when I'm not traveling, I use this as an electronics gear bag to carry my DSLR, several lenses, hard drives, and other camera equipment. For all the travel conferences and business meetings I have to attend each month, this is the magical bag that accompanies me as my workday assistant. The sleek and elegant design ensures that I always arrive at my destination in style. For so many reasons, this underseater carry-on bag stands above the rest in terms of reliability, versatility, and design.

As travelers are becoming more multifaceted with their lifestyle, it's important to have a reliable carry-on bag that can simplify the complexities of travel. Travelon's underseater carry-on bag is the perfect match for the busy, modern professional who is on-the-go from dawn to dusk. It's the ultimate carry-all for travelers who carry it all!


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