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Scare yourself. Once a day, every day.

A brand new year calls for a brand new you. Treat this season as the prime time to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself beyond your usual boundaries. This year, try something you've never done before. Challenge yourself by doing something that scares you, once a day, every day. What do you have to lose? Normalcy sinks the ship of greatness. By engaging in activities that scare you, you gradually unravel and explore the true salt that you are made of. Face your fears, test your limits, and discover the greatest you inside of you. Get excited for this journey because you certainly will learn something new about yourself. You may even have an impact on others while doing so. It may change your currents, your behaviors, and your problem solving abilities. Just remember, there's nothing to fear about greatness.

Also, good company on the road is the shortest cut, so surround yourself with unordinary people. Their positive and contagious energy will fuel you and propel you to live a life where you take hold of every great opportunity presented to you.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Remember, the only one who can rev up the engine is you. So, knock yourself out and have an epic year.

  1. Smile at everyone you see today.

  2. Discover a new part of town.

  3. Write down your goals.

  4. Take an online personality test.

  5. Ask for advice.

  6. Learn a new language.

  7. Change up your style.

  8. Host a party.

  9. Start a blog.

  10. Go on a solo hike.

  11. Learn how to play a new instrument.

  12. Throw out a tenth of your junk.

  13. Give someone a compliment.

  14. Learn self-defense.

  15. Start a personal research project.

  16. Volunteer.

  17. Ask out your crush.

  18. Sell some of your stuff and put the proceeds into your savings.

  19. Read a new book.

  20. Bargain.

  21. Learn to cook.

  22. Speak in public.

  23. Learn how to ride a motorcycle.

  24. Rearrange your furniture.

  25. Take a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class.

  26. Test drive your dream car.

  27. Ask 20 questions.

  28. Give when nobody's looking.

  29. Open an IRA.

  30. Start a business.

  31. Catch the sunrise.

  32. Read a biography of someone you admire and copy something they did.

  33. Sing karaoke.

  34. Make a list of great things about yourself.

  35. Dance when everybody's looking.

  36. Embarrass yourself.

  37. Start a DIY project.

  38. Write an appreciation letter to a teacher.

  39. Go zip-lining.

  40. Tip an unexpected amount.

  41. Get new headshots taken.

  42. Call the CEO of a company and have a chat.

  43. Jog a route in a different part of town.

  44. Wake up an hour early for a week.

  45. Rent a scooter or a bicycle and explore your city.

  46. Attend a networking event.

  47. Go rock climbing.

  48. Teach something.

  49. Cut off a bad habit.

  50. Learn photography.

  51. Sacrifice something.

  52. Write a book.

  53. Look up your genealogy.

  54. Find something you are passionate about.

  55. Take a free online course from a top university. (Coursera is a great source).

  56. Attend a cultural event.

  57. Take a swim in the lake or ocean at night.

  58. Make a new workout playlist.

  59. Write a Yelp review.

  60. Learn a magic trick.

  61. Ask for a promotion.

  62. Give a gift for no special occasion.

  63. Turn off your phone.

  64. Take a drive through the roughest part of your city.

  65. Take a drive through the wealthiest part of your city.

  66. Learn to sail.

  67. Pamper yourself.

  68. Create something. Anything. Be proud of it.

  69. Start a collection of inspirational quotes.

  70. Take a weekend road trip.

  71. Learn how to dance.

  72. Take a capoeira class.

  73. Get out of the country.

  74. Climb a mountain.

  75. Call an old friend.

  76. Take an active part in a charitable organization.

  77. Get rid of any negativity in your life, including negative people.

  78. Learn something new.

  79. Host a dinner party.

  80. Tell a close friend 3 things that are great about them.

  81. Find an accountability partner for a goal-aligned activity.

  82. Update your social media profiles.

  83. Learn how to do a back-flip.

  84. Try an exotic dish.

  85. Make amends for any unresolved conflicts. Tie up loose ends.

  86. Swim with sharks.

  87. Organize your life.

  88. Surprise a loved one.

  89. Double your work output.

  90. Learn to appreciate art.

  91. Introduce yourself to a stranger.

  92. Buy flowers for your mom on a random day.

  93. Prank call a friend.

  94. Deepen the quality of your important relationships.

  95. Map out the places you want to travel to.

  96. Join a sports league.

  97. Write down all of your fears.

  98. Test all your limits.

  99. Make a list of all the ways you can challenge yourself this year.

  100. Add your own: __________________________________

Try this Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. It's a great way to get in shape, learn self-defense, and learn about Brazilian culture.

If you have the street smarts, don't be afraid to be adventurous in foreign lands. The best way to feel the beating heart of a city is to get lost in it.

Go someplace you've never been before. Just be sure to bring cookies for the kids when entering a "No-Go Zone."

Jump to new heights this year. If you fall, just get back up and try again. In the grand ecosystem of success, it takes micro failures to macro win.

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